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Best Tools for UI UX Design

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To design accurate hi-fi wireframes, mockups, and prototypes and render minimally viable products designers need the best UI design tools. They represent the building blocks of a design and help communicate its functionality.

All the best and most popular UX design tools are concerned with the user and how their experience of the content is. These tools can help form the information architecture, and also how someone will go through the experience and therefore are the best tools out there for UI UX Design. This is more concept based and therefore helps the designer decide how the sync of the content and the design and how the user will perceive it. 

Here is the list of tools for UI UX Design


Sketch is a designing tool that allows the designer to make big universal changes— it can be through their layer styles, collection of symbols, or text styles, or its resizing and alignment features. This helps save time and efforts for the designers and helps them deliver consistent prototypes on time. It eliminates tedious tasks and enables designers to create. With multiple third-party plugins that integrate without any issues, there are so many tools out there that can be used with Sketch.

InVision Studio

Invision Studio provides easy-to-use UI design tools. It also makes communication easy because of its collaboration features. These features let developers share their work while they design it, receive feedback, and make changes that are documented at each and every step. One more useful feature of InVision is the digital whiteboard. This allows members of the team to put their ideas out there, interact, and get that all significant sign-off before going forward.


Axure offers many features of famous prototyping and UI design tools. It enables the testing of functionality and helps in putting everything together for an easy developer handoff. There is a lot of emphasis on communication. This ensures that timely updates of the progress and changes are shared with all the team members as they happen in real time.


Craft is a popular choice when it comes to UI design tools because of its placeholder content. You get access to iStock photos and Getty. This lets you fill your layout with better visuals. Most UI design tools let you fill your mockups with more meaningful content. This exclusive feature of Craft gives the designers’ mockups a more precise representation of what a final design might be like. is a  UI design software that creates amazing results that make the “Prototypes that feel real.”

It helps the designer get what she needs to create, integrate, organize and test accurate mockups. It also eases the collaboration process. It allows better communication between members of a team through the feature of comments and video feedback. Moreover, it integrates some of the more popular testing products, like Lookback, Userlytics, and Validately.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD caters vector-based user interface tools to designers so that they can create prototypes and mockups with an interface that’s familiar to anyone who has beena user of other Adobe products. This, along with real-time collaboration, makes it a go-to for many UI designers.


Marvel is a UI software that creates low fidelity as well as hi-fi wireframes, interactive prototypes. It also allows you to do user testing, It gives UI designers all that they need in an intuitive interface. Marvel also has a feature called Handoff that gives developers all the HTML code and CSS styles they require to get started.


Figma lets designers create dynamic prototypes and mockups, test them for usability, and sync up all of the progress. Figma ensures a collaborative environment. This software allows Multiple people to work on a project at the same time, much like Google Docs — letting you see who has it open.

Framer X

Framer X caters a plethora of plugins in their store. This gives UI designers features such as UI kits for integrating social media channels, players that help in embedding a variety of media, grids, and other useful components that can be easily integrated. It is  an amazing interface designing tool with quite an easy learning curve.

Origami Studio

This platform has many tools that the designers need to build complete prototypes that are fueled by a sophisticated patch editor. This gives designers the opportunity to sync advanced functionality.


Flow map is a UX software that allows building user flows and constructing visual sitemaps are indispensable for UX, and these are the pillars of FlowMapp’s UX design app.


This software allows people who are just starting and don’t have prior experience  in wireframing to start from scratch and put together ones that look good. Balsamiq encompasses both UI and UX, but its specialty is low fidelity wireframes. Balsamiq’s nod to the physicality of whiteboarding makes the tool user friendly and accessible for  anyone, irrespective of their skill level.

These were some of the software we believe are very useful and the best out there for the designers. The list is a mix of both beginner level and advanced software that will allow all the designers to work and create amazing work. These UI UX Design tools help create the best UI UX experience by the designer  and therefore are the best choice of software. 

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